AGCO is a globally recognized company specializing in the production of agricultural equipment. It provides support to farmers and the agricultural industry by manufacturing various machines and equipment tailored for the agriculture sector. The company encompasses brands such as Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Valtra, Fendt, and GSI.

AGCO’s Products and Services

AGCO offers a wide range of products and services in the agricultural sector. These include tractors, combines, seeding machines, fertilizer spreaders, irrigation equipment, and feed storage systems, among others. Additionally, AGCO also provides spare parts and service offerings.

AGCO’s Customers and Global Presence

AGCO’s customers primarily consist of farmers, agricultural businesses, and organizations related to the agricultural industry. The company operates in numerous countries worldwide and distributes its products in the global market. AGCO aims to support its customers in terms of productivity and sustainability by focusing on innovations within the agricultural sector.

AGCO’s Sustainability and Innovation Efforts

AGCO conducts various innovation initiatives to promote sustainable agricultural practices and reduce its environmental impact. The company emphasizes areas such as energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, and renewable energy sources to support its long-term sustainability goals.


AGCO is widely recognized as a major player in the agricultural sector, providing a variety of machines and equipment to farmers and the agricultural industry. Customer focus, sustainability, and innovation are core values for AGCO.

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