BMF 2500M Service Manual

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BMF 2500M Service Manual

Bomag Asphalt Finisher BMF 2500M Service Manual PDF

BMF 2500M Manual

Format: PDF

Language: EN

Size: 37.1

Pages: 456



BMF 2500M Service Manual

BMF 2500M Service Manual

Table of contents


Concerning your safety
Basic prerequisites
Definition of responsible persons
Basic safety regulations for safe operation
Handling fuels and lubricants
Emergency procedures
Maintenance and repair
Operating the machine, working operation
Safety features
Fuels and lubricants
Engine oil
Hydraulic oil
Gear oil SAE W
Gear oil SAE W
Notes on repair
General repair instructions
Tightening torques
Description of use
Assembly groups and description of function
Machine description
Overview of machine
Component overview Electrics
Component overview hydraulics
Lubrication points

Electric systems

Wiring looms
CAN overview
Changing the diesel engine speed
Display of typical engine data
Component description
Steering angle sensor
BOMAG Telematic
Trouble shooting
Calling up the fault log
Fault code lists
Starting the engine with jump leads
Deutsch plug, series DT and DTM
Diesel engine
General information
Cooling system
Engine oil system
Air intake system
Fuel system
Exhaust system
Engine electrics
Thermostat removal/installation

Bomag Asphalt Finisher BMF 2500M Service Manual

Check the thermostat
Check starter
Starter removal/installation
Injector removal/installation
Checking the injector
Injector supply line removal/installation
Checking the injector supply line
Injector feed pipe removal/installation
Checking the injector feed pipe
Valve cover Checking the valve cover
Trouble shooting, diesel engine
Fuel consumption too high
Oil consumption too high
Fuel in engine oil
Coolant temperature too high (gradually)
Frequent blockage of the air filter
The diesel engine turns poorly or not at all (starter)
Insufficient engine power
Poor acceleration or response of the engine
Irregular engine operation in idling speed
Irregular engine operation or misfiring
Engine speed fluctuates in lower and upper idle speed
The rotary speed fluctuates under load
The diesel engine stops unexpectedly
The diesel engine emits secondary noises
Excessive engine vibrations
Increased DEF consumption
Generator does not run or only poorly
Hydraulic system
Open and closed hydraulic circuit
Hydraulic units
Control valve block
Hydraulic oil tank
Conveyor belt pump H
MCR conveyor belt motor
Fan circuit
Working circuit
Conveyor belt circuit
Travel circuit

Bomag Asphalt Finisher BMF 2500M

Trouble shooting, hydraulics
Insufficient hydraulic power
Trouble shooting axial piston pumps
Trouble shooting axial piston motors
Fault table hydraulic components
Assembly groups
Conveyor belt
Cooling system
Preliminary remarks
Emergency procedures
Actuating the emergency stop switch
Disconnecting the battery
Towing the machine
Special tools
List of special tools
Circuit diagrams