BOMAG BW 226 BVC-5 Service Manual

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BOMAG BW 226 BVC-5 Service Manual

BOMAG BW 226 BVC-5 / BW 226 DI-5 Service Manual

Bomag Single drum roller BW 226 BVC-5 Service Training PDF

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BOMAG BW 226 BVC-5 Service Manual

Bomag Single drum roller BOMAG BW 226 BVC-5 / BW 226 DI-5 Service Manual Service Manual

Table of contents

Concerning your safety
Basic prerequisites
Definition of responsible persons
Fundamentals for safe operation
Handling fuels and lubricants
Load/transport the machine
Start-up procedure
Driving the machine; working operation
Emergency procedures
Maintenance work
Maintenance and repair
Notes on repair
Preliminary remarks and safety notes
Preparations / concluding work
Parking the machine in secured condition
Technical data
Additional technical data
Terms and basis of calculation
Fuels and lubricants
Engine oil
Hydraulic oil
Gear oil SAE W-
Gear oil SAE W-
List of fuels and lubricants
Overview of machine
General information
BOMAG Telematic
Electric systems
Hydraulic system
Machine assemblies
Diesel engine

Drum  BOMAG BW 226 BVC-5 Service Manual

Air conditioning
Auxiliary heating, AIRTRONIC
Electric systems
Basic principles
Measuring method
Understanding electric circuit diagrams
Telemecanique switch
Deutsch plug, series DT and DTM
Overview of electric system
Central electrics
Operator’s stand
CAN BUS overview
Table of fuels and lubricants
Starting the engine with jump leads
Fuse assignment
Notes on safety
Central electrics
Main fuses
Control console cabin
Central electrics
Description of electrical components
Control console cabin
Acceleration transducer, B & B
Differential pressure switch for hydraulic oil filter, B
Air filter vacuum switch, B
Sensor, water in fuel, B
Float switch coolant tank, B
Level sensor in diesel tank (R)
Charge control light
Electric module, A
Training of electric system
Electrics training machine control
Electrics training metrology control
Inspection and maintenance work
Maintenance Table
Everyoperating hours
As required
Hydraulic system
Basic principles
Open and closed hydraulic circuit
Swash plate principle, pump
Swash plate principle, motor
External gear pumps
Overview of hydraulics
Description of hydraulic components
Travel and vibration pump, H
Travel motor, H
Vibration motor AFM
Steering valve
Diaphragm type pressure accumulator
Slewing motor
Description of hydraulic circuits
Charge circuit
Travel circuit
Vibration circuit
Steering circuit
Bypass flow filter
Flushing and bleeding
Flushing – general
Drum drive
Axle drive
Vibration circuit
Bleeding the travel circuit
Bleeding the vibration circuit
Inspection and maintenance work
Maintenance Table

Machine assemblies

Diesel engine
Lubrication oil circuit TCD and Coolant circuit TCD, Common Rail System (CRS)
Wastegate charge pressure controller
Exhaust gas recirculation
Engine electrics
Inspection and maintenance work
BOMAG, Variocontrol
Vibration circuit
Potentiometer on slewing motor, B

Drum BOMAG BW 226 BVC-5 Service Manual

Overview drum
Removing the exciter unit
Installing the exciter unit
Assembling the vibrator unit
Changing the rubber buffers, adjusting the pretension
Smooth drum scraper; installation and removal
Pad foot scraper; installation and removal
Padfoot shell; installation and removal
Inspection and maintenance work
Oscillating articulated joint
Dismantling the oscillating articulated joint
Assembly of oscillating articulated joint
Drive axle
Everyoperating hours

As required
Air conditioning,
Overview of air conditioning system
Physical principles
Refrigerant Ra
Compressor oil / refrigeration oil
Working principle of the air conditioning system
Monitoring devices
Description of components
Drying and evacuation
Filling instructions
Steam table for Ra
Inspection and maintenance work
Auxiliary heating, AIRTRONIC
Inspection and maintenance work
Cabin assembly
Cabin assembly,
Final function tests and checks
ROPS/FOPS assembly
ROPS/FOPS assembly
Final work
Preliminary remarks
Emergency procedures
Actuating the emergency stop switch
Disconnecting the battery
Emergency exit.
Towing the machine
After towing

Troubleshooting, electrical systems

Preliminary remarksStarting the engine with jump leads
Servicing the battery, checking the main battery isolation
Fuse assignment
ESX, checking the electric power supply
Diagnostics concept
BOMAG BW 226 BVC-5 Service Manual Trouble shooting, diesel engine
Starting the engine with jump leads
Engine malfunctions
DTC fault code list, EMR
Trouble shooting, hydraulics
Insufficient hydraulic power
Trouble shooting axial piston pumps
Trouble shooting axial piston motors
Fault table hydraulic components
Troubleshooting, air conditioning system
Trouble shooting in refrigerant circuit, basic principles
Trouble shooting procedure
Leak test
Checking the magnetic clutch
Troubleshooting, auxiliary heating
Control and safety elements
Trouble shooting and Diagnostics with the module clock
Check the fuel supply
Circuit diagram, AIRTRONIC D/D
Fault code, AIRTRONIC D/D
Special tools

List of special tools
A Circuit diagrams

A Hydraulic diagram