BW 27 RH-4i Service Training Manual

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BW 27 RH-4i Service Training Manual

Bomag Rubber tire roller BW 27 RH-4i Service Training Manual PDF Download

Bomag BW 27 RH-4i Technical data, Wiring diagram, Pneumatic diagram, Hydraulic diagram, Trouble shooting procedure

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BW 27 RH-4i Service Training Manual

Bomag BW 27 RH-4i Service Training – Service Manual – Repair instruction

BW 27 RH-4i Service Training

Safety regulations
General repair instructions
Tightening torques Pneumatic tires rollers
Rubber tire roller Technical data
Technical data Maintenance
General notes on maintenance
Fuels and lubricants
Table of fuels and lubricants
Running-in instructions
Maintenance table Electrics
Service the battery, check the main battery switch
Main battery switch
Starting with jump wires
Level sensor in diesel tank (R)
Differential pressure switches hydraulic oil filter, Band B
Brake oil temperature switch, B
Brake pressure switches, B and B
Float switch in water tank, B
Air filter vacuum switch
Description of indicators and control elements
Fuse assignment

BW 27 RH-4i Service Training

Overview of electric components Electronic modules
Module description A
Electric module A Module description A
Steering column locking module, A Speedometer Module
Speedometer module Engine electrics
EMR system overview
EMR system components
Exhaust gas after-treatment
Fuel control unit (FCU)
Crankshaft speed sensor
Camshaft speed sensor
Rail pressure sensor
EMR coolant temperature sensor
Table of Contents
Fuel pressure sensor
Charge air temperature – charge air pressure sensor
Oil pressure sensor
Sensor, water in fuel
Fuel pre-heating
Heating flange on engine
Charge control light, operating hour meter
System faults per flashing code List of EMR fault codes
List of EMR fault codes Engine
Diesel engine
Engine description TCD
Lubrication oil circuit TCD /
Coolant circuit TCD /
Common Rail System (CRS) TCD /
Exhaust gas after-treatment
Adjust the valve clearance
Check the engine oil level
Changing engine oil and oil filter cartridge
Check the coolant level
Change the coolant

BW 27 RH-4i Service Training

Check the anti-freeze concentration and the condition of the coolant
Clean the cooling fins on engine and hydraulic oil cooler
Check, clean the water separator
Replacing the fuel filter cartridge
Change the fuel filter, bleed the fuel system
Checking the ribbed V-belt
Replacing ribbed V-belt and idler pulley
Air filter maintenance
Check the engine mounts
Engine problems Hydraulics
Hydraulic circuit
Travel pumps, AVG DA
Troubleshooting axial piston pumps
External gear pumps
Travel motor, AVM HAR
Trouble shooting, variable displacement axial piston motor
Steering valve
Travel circuit
Steering circuit
Cooling and cross-flushing of the brake housing
Edge cutter
Check the hydraulic oil level
Replace hydraulic oil and breather filter
Table of Contents
Replace hydraulic oil filter
Replacing the bypass filter Brake
Brake system
Stopping the machine, operating the parking brake
Driving the machine / braking the machine
Multi-disc brake, function test
Towing in case of an engine failure Pneumatics
Pneumatic system
Operating the tire inflation system
Draining the air pressure vessel
Change the air drier for the brake system
Check the supply lines for the compressor Water sprinkling system
Operating the pressure sprinkler system
Service the water sprinkling system
Maintenance in case of frost Air conditioning system

BW 27 RH-4i Service Training
Physical basics
Refrigerant Ra
Compressor oil / refrigeration oil
Working principle of the air conditioning system
Monitoring devices
Description of components
Measuring the compressor oil level
Checking the magnetic clutch
Inspection and maintenance work
Servicing the V-belt for the refrigerant compressor
Service the air conditioning
Drying and evacuation
Emptying in case of repair
Leak test

BW 27 RH-4i Service Training
Filling instructions
Trouble shooting in refrigerant circuit, basic principles
Trouble shooting, refrigerant circuit diagram
Trouble shooting procedure
Steam table for Ra Front axle
Repair overview for front axle Circuit diagrams
Hydraulic diagram
Pneumatic diagram