Eaton ServiceRanger v4.11

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Eaton ServiceRanger v4.11

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TypeDiagnostic Software

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Eaton ServiceRanger v4.11

Eaton ServiceRanger v4.11

ServiceRanger is a PC-based service bay tool used to diagnose, configure, and update most Roadranger automated products including:

Fuller AutoShift and UltraShift Transmissions Eaton VORAD Collision Warning Systems Dana Spicer TIMS (Tire Inflation  Monitor System)
Eaton Hybrid Electric Transmissions

ServiceRanger v4.2.1177 is the next generation of PC diagnostics software

specifically designed for today and tomorrows Roadranger automated products.

SR3 is not an update from ServiceRanger version 2.x, but rather a new software platform that is designed for today’s advanced Roadranger automated products, including

Hybrid Transmissions and the new VORAD VS-400 Collision Warning System