John Deere 570B Motor Grader Operators Manual (OMT131736)

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John Deere 570B Motor Grader Operators Manual (OMT131736)

Format: PDF (Printable Document)

File Language: EN

File Pages: 214

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Brand: John Deere

Type of Document: Operators Manual

Type of Machine: 570B Motor Grader



John Deere 570B Motor Grader Operators Manual (OMT131736)

John Deere 570B CONTENTS:

Switches, Gauges, and
Work Lights ..
Steering Console .
Seat Adjustment
Cab Heater
Defroster Fan
Cab Light
Operator’s Station
Pre-Start Inspection
Operating the Engine
Starting the Engine
Cold Weather Starting
Starting Aid Can
Boost Starting
Coolant Heater
Pump Destroking .
Checking Instruments After Starting
Engine Warm-up
Cold Weather Warm-up
Stopping the Engine ..
Stopping the Machine
Engine Elevation Adjustment
Driving the Grader
Shifting the Transmission
Inching Pedal
Travel Speeds
Speed Control Lever
Accelerator Pedal
Park Brake Lever .
Parking the Machine
Locked Compartments
Operating the Grader
Rear Steer Indicator
Differential Lock Pedal
Lift Arm Lock Pins
Machine Operating Tips
Tire Ballast
Scarifier Lever
Steering Operating
Changing Tires
Trailer Loading
Fuels and Lubricants
Fuel Storage
Fuel Tank
Engine Oil .
Transmission-Hydraulic and Tandem
Drive Oil
Circle Gearbox Oil
Periodic Maintenance
Periodic Maintenance Chart
Hour Meter
Engine Side Shields
Prepare Machine for Maintenance
Cooling System
Cooling System
Coolant Test
Fuel System
Injection Pump
Drain Fuel Filter …..
Change Air Cleaner Elements
Clan Air Cleaner Elements
Inspect Air Cleaner Element
Alternator and Regulator .
Battery Service
Checking Battery Electrolyte
Using Battery Charger
Battery Specifications
Battery Removal
Electrical Accessories …….
Fuses .
Reverse Alarm
Neutral Start System
Heater Valve
Blade Side Shift .
Cylinder Ball and Socket Check .
Saddle Guide Shoe Check
Circle Vertical Check
Circle Horizontal Check
Park Brake Adjustment .
Scarifier Shank
Scarifier Tooth .
Tire Cleats
Rear Steer Gauge
Valves, Cylinders, Pumps,
Engine Speed and Transmission Linkage
Speed Control Linkage Check
Selector Lever Linkage Check .
Neutral Start, Reverse Warning Alarm
Neutral Start Circuit Check
Reverse Warning Alarm Check
Gauge and Monitor (Engine Running)
Monitor Checks
Rear Steer Indicator Check .
Steering System
Steering Valve Check
Steering Inlet Check …….
Steering System Leakage Check
Pressure Control Valve Check
Brake Valve Checks
Service Brake Capacity Check
Park Brake Capacity Check .
Brake System
Service Brake Linkage Check
Brake Accumulator Charge Check
Driving Checks
Transmission Noise Check
Interrupter Valve Check
Transmission Pressure Check
83, B4, cg Accumulator Check .
BI and B2 Accumulator Check
Cl Clutch Drag Check
C2 Clutch Drag Check
Differential Lock Check ..
Differential Lock Slippage Check
Hydraulic System .
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perational ec out
Bulb Relay Check
Monitor Primary Check
Monitor Operating Checks .
Rear Steer Indicator Check

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