Timberjack 1210 Forwarder Operator’s Manual

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Timberjack 1210 Forwarder Operator’s Manual

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Brand: Timberjack

Type of Document: Operators Manual

Type of Machine: 1210 Forwarder

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Timberjack 1210 Forwarder Operator’s Manual

Timberjack 1210 Forwarder INDEX:

4. Controls, Gauges and Signal Lights
Front Instrument Panel
Start Key Positions .
Gauges and Signal Lights
Right Instrument Panel
Overhead Panel
Left Control Panel
Right Control Panel
Loader Controls; Left-Hand Side Lever .
Loader Controls; Right Hand Side Lever .
Operating instructions for the engine heating timer

5. Operating Instructions
What to Do before Starting the Engine .
How to Start the Engine
How to Start a Cold Engine
Interval Drive

6. Lubrication and Maintenance
How to Tilt the Cab .
How to Clean the Cab Windows
Engine Perkins 1006-6T
Cooling System .
Transmission Clark HS 32320 Powershift
Differentials, Tracks, Hub Gears
Hydraulic Oil
Maintenance (after 8 hours)
Weekly Maintenance (50 hours)
After Every 250 Running Hours
After Every 500 Running Hours
After Every 1000 Running Hours
After Every 2000 Running Hours
After Every 12 Months
6.6 How to Check and Adjust the Brakes
Adjust the Brakes
6.6.2 Check the Brakes
6.7 How to Eliminate Air from Fuel System
6.8 How to Adjust the Pressures of Service Hydraulics
6.9 Adjust the Pressures of the Service Pump
Check and Adjust the Control Pressure .
Check and Adjust the Low Pressure of the Loader
Check the Pressure of the Frame Brake
How to Adjust the Hydrostatic Operating System .
Ar Pressure of the Tires
Bolt Torque Values for After-Sales Maintenance and more