Timberjack 1410D Forwarder Operators Manual

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Timberjack 1410D Forwarder Operators Manual

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Brand: Timberjack

Type of Document: Operators Manual

Type of Machine: 1410D Forwarder

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Timberjack 1410D Forwarder Operators Manual

Timberjack 1410D Forwarder INDEX:

Safety – Safety Features
Safety – General Precautions
Safety – Operating Precautions
Safety – Maintenance Precautions
Operator’s Station – Panels, Switches, Gauges, Control levers
Lifting and Lowering the Cab
Operating the Machine
Starting and Turning Off the Engine
Driving the Machine
Transporting and Towing the Machine
Fluids and Lubricants
Maintenance – General
Maintenance Intervals and Service Parts
– Every 10 hours or Daily
Every 50 hours or Weekly
Maintenance –
– Every 250 hours
Every 500 hours
Maintenance –
– Every 1000 hours

Hydraulic System and Bleeding
Hydrostatic System: Drive Pump adjusting
Hydrostatic System: Drive Motor adjusting
Work Hydraulic System: Check and Adjust
Brake System: Check and Adjust
Electrical System
Boom, General
Boom – Maintenance
Equipment, Air Conditioner
Equipment, Engine Preheater
Equipment, Fire Extinguisher System
Equipment, Decking Blade
Equipment, ALS
Equipment, Weight Scales
Equipment, Clambunk

Hydraulic Diagrams
Electronic Schematics
141 OD Specifications