Timberjack 1470D Harvester Operators Manual

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Timberjack 1470D Harvester Operators Manual

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Brand: Timberjack

Type of Document: Operators Manual

Type of Machine: 1470D Harvester

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Timberjack 1470D Harvester Operators Manual

Timberjack 1470D Harvester INDEX:

Safety — Safety Features
Safety — General Precautions
Safety — Operating Precautions
Safety — Maintenance Precautions
Cabin and Controls
Operating Instructions
Transporting and Towing
Maintenance — General
Maintenance — Lubricants and Fluids
Maintenance Intervals
Every 10 Hours or Daily
Maintenance —
Every 50 Hours or Weekly
Maintenance —
Maintenance — Every 250 Hours
Maintenance — Every 500 Hours
Maintenance — Every 1000 Hours
Maintenance — Every 2000 Hours
Maintenance — Periodic Maintenance

Hydraulic System — Bleeding
Hydrostatic System — Checking and Adjusting
Working Hydraulics — Checking and Adjusting
Brake System — Checking and Adjusting
Hydraulic System — Hydraulic Scheme
Electrical System
Electrical System — Sensors
Electrical System — Electrical Scheme
Equipment — Air Conditioner
Equipment — Engine and Cabin Preheater
Equipment — Fire Extinguisher System
Equipment — Stump Treatment System
Equipment — Cabin Levelling
Equipment — Seat Levelling
Equipment — Boom Levelling